sitio beheng lapuyan massacre February 23, 2012 at 4:30 in the afternoon a group of armed men harassed Sitio Beheng, Barangay Tininghalang, Lapuyan, Zamboanga del Sur.

This incident killed 6 people, 10 wounded, and hundreds of residents within and nearby community to flee from the unidentified perpetrators. The Municipal Local Government Unit headed by the Local Chief Executive Daylinda Perez-Sulong, convened and provided services due for the victims and the affected individuals and communities. Moreover, Mayor orders the Tribal Chieftain of the Subanens to provide the funeral services of the 6 casualties immediately. Dr. Janet Macni, the Municipal Health Officer gave her best to ensure that wounded were given first aid prior to their transfer to Margosatubig Regional Hospital.

With the assistance of the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Officer Nelsa Sulong who immediately engaged with the said Hospital, victims were readily provided with services. She also asked for the approval of the Mayor to provide emergency assistance to those in the hospitals who also advised Municipal Treasurer Felix Monton to release PHP 40,000.00 where half of it will be for the food of the evacuees.Immediately, MSWDO ordered the staff to look for the evacuees who stayed with their relatives. Continuing engagement with the Department of Social Welfare and Development Office IX of Zamboanga City, Regional Director Teodulo R. Romo, Jr. sent a Team Headed by Elizabeth Dy who came to with PHP 10,000.00 each for the family of the casualties, PHP 5,000.00 for those in the Hospital, and 100 family food packs for the evacuees.

The team leader also said to provide updates immediately for the provision of further support for the victims.Margosatubig Regional Hospital also extended services declaring the patients Class D that victims were deprived to pay the PHP 16,000.00 due of the patients. Armed Forces of the Philippines, led by the Commanding Officer Lt. Col Tadeo also stayed with the community to ensure public safety of the people. The Office the National Civil Defense also ensured to provide technical assistance to the Municipality and to conduct Stress Debriefing Sessions for the victims as soon as the community are available. Steps that shows a simple partnership is a way to touch people’s lives –be it a victim or not.